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Shenzhen tilotay technology service co., LTD
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Mobile phone: 13537694589 (Mr) 18127098433 (Mr.)
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Warmly celebrate the company's web site launch...

Warmly celebrate Shenzhen TALOTRY Electronic Technology Service Co., LTD. website launched

How many kinds of material PCB? What kind of s...

PCB from single to plural, and remained their development trend. Due to constantly to develop in the direction of high precision, high density and high reliability, shrinking volume, reduce costs, improve performance, makes the PCB in the future development of the electronic equipment engineering, still maintained a strong vitality. Electronic equipment adopts the PCB...

How to identify the quality of the LED display...

The stand or fall of display mainly from the following several aspects to sign: 1. The flatness LED display surface roughness to within + / - 1 mm, to ensure that the display image is not distorted, local convex or concave leads to display the visual Angle of corner. The stand or fall of flatness is mainly decided by the production process. 2. The brightness and th...

PCB industry in 2014 three major focus on

Is PCB enterprise losses a year in 2013, under pressure from market, cost, capital and so on, each PCB enterprise is struggling, the whole PCB industry development is slow, then the PCB will have good prospects for this year? Please look at this article in detail! Has sponsored by the China electronic information industry development institute, sadie, a think-tank, ...

Where is the difference between liquid crystal...

Although the LCD splicing screen and liquid crystal TV is used as a display image signal, but the performance of the two, structure is totally different. First LCD TV screen and liquid crystal splicing of display screen is different, used to make liquid crystal splicing screen than LCD TV screen technology to refs. Made of liquid crystal screen plate LCD splicing scre...

Parsing why the LED products on the market pri...

As LED market and technology matures, more and more kinds of LED products, quality is getting better and better, but price of LED products in the market now is more and more dont understand, often the same product price will be a difference of more than a dozen yuan even several dozens yuan, do you want to know the secrets of the middle? And look small make up for eve...

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