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PCB industry in 2014 three major focus on

Date:2014-09-30 17:29:51

Is PCB enterprise losses a year in 2013, under pressure from market, cost, capital and so on, each PCB enterprise is struggling, the whole PCB industry development is slow, then the PCB will have good prospects for this year? Please look at this article in detail!  
Has sponsored by the China electronic information industry development institute, sadie, a think-tank, China electronic newspapers at the annual meeting of the China's electronic information industry development to undertake, sadie, a think-tank, electronic information industry institute of PCB (printed circuit) industry development present situation and problems, gives a and put forward the development of prediction and industry development hotspot issues in 2014.  
In 2013, many traditional multilayer PCB products production enterprise in the market, cost, capital and so on pressure loss serious; At the same time, the high density interconnect (HDI) printed circuit boards and flexible printed circuit board (FPC) by the downstream production enterprises of mobile terminals and other industries demand stimulation, is developing rapidly. Factors jointly lead to slow development of PCB industry in China in 2013.  
Sadie, a think-tank, is China's PCB industry development situation in 2014 put forward four basic judgment: one is affected by the global economy continues to weaken, industry development dilemma over a period of time will continue. Second, the international competition, makes our PCB enterprises to strengthen technological innovation, promote industrial technology layout is reasonable. Three is due to the enterprise cost and capital pressure increasing, industrial transfer has been imperative. Fourth, along with our country industry development policies and measures of adjustment, the PCB industry development environment will be further improved.  
Through comprehensive analysis of industry development present situation, sadie think-tank, believes that the PCB industry development of our country is faced with many problems, mainly in the following aspects: one is the single product type, industry development dynamics is insufficient; 2 it is relative excess capacity, industry consolidation is imminent; Three is wrong industry management, lack of support for industry development.  
2014 PCB industry development in our country there are three notable hot: one is as smart mobile terminals such as continuously expand the market share, HDI, FPC etc will be hot spots. Second, with the development of PCB industry norms, the strong will to improve the industry concentration, industry consolidation and merger and reorganization will become the focus of industrial development policy. Three is along with the PCB enterprises in the aspects of cost pressure, transfer to the mainland area of increasingly urgent demand, industry transfer will become the industry development issues of concern.