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Where is the difference between liquid crystal splicing screen and liquid crystal TV?

Date:2014-09-30 17:23:52

Although the LCD splicing screen and liquid crystal TV is used as a display image signal, but the performance of the two, structure is totally different. First LCD TV screen and liquid crystal splicing of display screen is different, used to make liquid crystal splicing screen than LCD TV screen technology to refs. Made of liquid crystal screen plate LCD splicing screen play high brightness of the picture is obviously not, under the high brightness of the picture color, level obvious distortion. In addition, the LCD splicing screen will be the most outstanding high definition, high brightness and high color gamut of liquid crystal display technology, the embedded hardware splicing technology, multiple screen image processing technology, such as signal switching technology, forming a has high brightness, high resolution, low power consumption, high life, advanced liquid crystal splicing screen system. LCD splicing screen is an entirely new way of large screen splicing, its indefinitely joining together. Flat stitching display technology will be the mainstream of the next generation of splicing display system application technology. 
Liquid crystal display technology after years of development, occupy the important position of bao li splicing display field. Splicing screen super light, thin, long life, low maintenance cost, no radiation, high-definition, advantage prominent, highly attention. LCD splicing screen to display LCD screen as the basic unit, the newest liquid crystal display technology and pure hardware high-speed real-time splicing control technology in one, all the freedom of the input signal can be shown in window display wall. Bao li LCD screen to fully support the image mosaics of multi-cell splicing, single signal split screen display, the screen display, arbitrary combination of single signal splicing, roaming superposition, picture in picture, zoom and other high-end display function. The controller to display tailored, plane is special, can maximum limit display unit efficiency into full play. 
Bao li LCD splicing screen, the image is clear, flexible combination, shows rich content, can give users the biggest free space design, provide the display effect of shock. And liquid crystal TV can only show half simple picture, although some also came out on the market only TV, but from the interface, types of signal, to distinguish is not equivalent to that of liquid crystal splicing screen.