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ISO14001 system concept

Date:2014-09-30 16:58:25

Environment refers to the external organization operation activities exist, including air, water, land and natural resources, plants, animals, people, and the mutual relationship between them. A component part of the comprehensive management system, including making environment factors is to point to an organization activities, products or services that can interact with the environment. With our related department/position of the environmental factors are: noise, waste parts, waste packaging, canteen waste, lead solder, waste batteries, waste fluorescent tubes, 309 glue, toluene, dripping water, waste oil, cutting fluid drip, paper waste, the waste of electricity, etc. 
Introduction of certification 
Environmental management system (EMS) was part of the whole management system, used to formulate and implement its environmental policy, and management of the environmental factors, including to develop, implement, implement, review and organization needed to keep the environment policy, planning activities, responsibilities, practices, procedures, processes and resources. ISO14001:1996 environmental management system, standards and guidelines is the international organization for standardization (ISO) in 1996 formally promulgated the purpose can be used for the certification of international standards, is the core of the ISO14001 series standard, it requires that the organization through the establishment of environmental management system to support environmental protection, pollution prevention and continuous improvement goals, and can be obtained in the form of a third party certification, to the outside world to prove its conformity of environmental management system and environmental management level. Because the ISO14001 environmental management system will lead to saving energy and reducing consumption, enhance enterprise competitiveness, to win customers, trust in the government and the public, and many other advantages, so from the date of release for a quick to the positive response of the large enterprises, was seen entering the international market "green pass". At the same time, due to the promotion and popularization of ISO14001 on macro can rise to coordinate the relationship between economic development and environmental protection, improve the environmental protection consciousness, promote the conservation and promote technological progress, and so on, also received various [3] so the government and people are more and more attention. In order to more clearly and make clear the requirements of ISO14001 standard, ISO for the standard was revised, and on November 15, 2004 issued the new standard ISO14001:2004 environmental management system requirements and use.