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The FSC certification preparation

Date:2014-09-30 16:57:01

FSC/COC and chain of custody certification, is a part of the FSC certification 
1, to get CoC certificate set a timetable 
2, to establish a documented system of CoC 
- comply with CoC standard requirements 
Can - and other existing systems, such as ISO 9000, integrate 
3, sourcing suitable material of FSC (according to the requirement of the institution, some certification bodies do not need to simulate production) 
- existing qualified suppliers 
Large trader - provides the FSC materials 
- since most of the imports 
Query new suppliers - from the website 
- purchase by CoC certification from the mainland 
- before arrive team conducted a process-based audit field, has been equipped with FSC raw materials 
4, according to the commissioning wood product realization process 
- keep running record of each process 
- if no CoC orders, can simulate a 
5, and apply for certification 
6, quotation 
7, the certification agreement 
8, waiting for the review 
9, obtain certificate and register 
10, according to the documents required to run and keep relevant records 
11, on the product or products use the FSC marks 
12, preparation, supervision and review 
CoC certification requirements of the organization to establish and maintain a documented system to ensure that the procurement, processing and transportation of products is to use the certification of raw materials production.