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The leading position of sunny o-film encounter challenges, claimed the world's first, the industry l

Date:2016-03-14 14:51:20


According to the report of the TSR and Shunyu photoelectric cell phone camera module shipments 2015 global ranking first, sunny on-board optical lens first in the world, sunny optical lens of mobile phone global sales ranking second. Shunyu photoelectric claimed to have become the industry first in the world, but sunny leading position in the encounter to Ophelia serious challenges; Ophelia 2015 proposed to do the industry the world's first goal, and declared July and October monthly shipments have more than sunny, monthly shipment has become the first domestic, is also the world's first.
2015 camera industry competition situation was significantly increased, especially the industry leader of the competition is becoming more intense. O-film is catching up with sunny, sunny to be the industry leader, said a lot of pressure.

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