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HUAWEI, the launch of our dual camera mobile phone in 2016, two of the popular

Date:2016-03-14 14:54:37


With the launch of the HTC M8, M9+, glory 6plus Huawei, ZTE axon secret, 360 our mobile phones and other mobile phone dual camera, dual camera manufacturing and algorithm application becomes more and more mature, has become some high allocation of mobile phone of differentiated products is preferred. In a double intake module, module Shunyu, Ophelia, Lixin, four seasons such as spring factory has reactive grams of the storm, through increased AA machine breaks through the bottleneck capacity.
In the application, some double photo in addition to performance and quality of mobile phone line elements of the upgrade, but also increased the first camera to focus, and the application of distance measurement. I believe that through the industry in 2015 will usher in the 2016 double accumulation popular photo.